Monday, October 19, 2009

Kozen's Aion Leveling Guide

I was quite impressed with both the FTW Guides and KFGuides leveling guides, and still am because they are great at what they do, but in my opinion they just aren't as good a deal compared to Kozen's Aion Leveling & Mastery Guide. Please keep reading for my detailed analysis.

Firstly and most importantly, Kozen offers the best value for your dollar. In Kozen's bundle, you get: a 1-50 leveling guide for both factions (currently up to level 40), an Abyss guide, a crafting & gathering guide, an enchantments, manastone, & godstone guide, a flight guide, and finally a kinah guide. All this for cheaper than the competition!

1-50 Leveling Guides
Kozen's guide contains 1-50 guides for both the Elyos and Asmodian factions and they are almost of the same quality as both FTW Guides' and KFGuides' leveling guides. Each leveling guide contains tons of maps, screenshots, colour-coded instructions, and tips to maximize your efficiency. The only improvements I think he could make is to number-key the maps for quicker reference and add some helpful hyperlinks to web resources (e.g., Aion Armory).

Abyss Guide
This mini-guide teaches you everything you need to know about the Abyss PvP area. How do you get inside? What are faction strongholds? How is the zone laid out? What are Abyss Points and Ranks? What are Artifacts and where are they located? What about fortresses? The guide is full of detail, screenshots, and maps.

Crafting & Gathering Guide
This mini-guide contains a great overview of all the crafting professions in Aion, including who should take up what job, where you go to learn them, and an explanation of work orders and procc'ing. It also teaches you the basics of gathering, which is necessary to support your crafting profession.

Enchantments, Manastones & Godstones Guide
Enchantments, manastones, and godstones are an extremely important part of the game and this mini-guide teaches you pretty much everything you'll need to know to get yourself started. How will enchanting affect your gear? What manastones should you watch out for? How can godstones improves your weapons immensely?

Flight Guide
Learning how to fly in Aion can be difficult but it is an extremely important skill to master. This mini-guide teaches you everything you need to know about flying and gliding, including the controls and limitations. It also teaches you where to buy your new wings and how to equip them. Finally it highlights all the titles that will boost your aerial performance and tons of screenshots to show the progression of wings throughout the game for both the Elyos and Asmodians.

Kinah Guide
This last mini-guide is a very handy one to have. Let's face it, kinah (money) management is one of the toughest of Aion's systems to master but it is also the single-most important thing that will keep your character viable in the game. You need to know how to earn it and spend it most efficiently and this guide is a great tool to help you get started.

Extra Goodies
  • 60-day money back guarantee (no risk)
  • Free updates and new mini-guides as they are added (levels 40-50 coming soon)Member forums (a great place to chat and ask questions)
  • Member videos (plenty of excellent tutorials)
  • Clean and crisp guide and website design (easy to read and navigate)

I really can't stress what a good deal Kozen's Aion Leveling & Mastery Guide is. You get so much value compared to all the other guides out there that I think it's the most responsible way to spend your hard-earned money. Since this is my new top pick, I'm going to give it a 10/10. You won't be sorry you bought it -- I guarantee.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

FTWGuides Aion Leveling Guide

FTW Guides (formerly Ashling's World) has put together an excellent Online Aion Leveling Guide. The "online" part of the title means you actually view it through a webpage, which makes it very lightweight and interactive. I think KFGuides 1-50 Aion Leveling Guide just got some competition for the best Aion leveling guide.

The motto for FTW Guides is "We do the work, you have the fun!" and looking at their new Online Aion Leveling Guides, it's easy to see the massive amount of work they did. Having the fun is still up to you. ;)

This guide can most easily be compared to KFGuides' 1-50 Aion Leveling Guides, so I might as well point out the similarities and differences for you as there are a number of both.

In terms of their quality of instruction and the speed at which they'll help you level, they're both pretty darn close. Each guide walks you through Aion quest-by-quest and zone-by-zone very accurately and efficiently. To be honest, you can't go wrong with either of these guides in this department.

Where I think FTW Guides's Online Aion Leveling Guide slightly outperforms is that it is entirely web-based, where as the KFGuides Aion Leveling Guides come in the form of PDFs. KFGuides does offer a few online freebies and other helpful content through their website, but FTW pulls everything together in a single place.

Each quest has a little map button beside it with a number key. Clicking that map button instantly brings up a map with numbers on it. Find the number your looking for and you quickly know where to direct yourself. KFGuides has a similar map as well but it precedes each zone chapter so there's a lot of scrolling back and forth I find. That said, printing out the map would solve this problem.

There's also a very helpful sidebar with every single quest in the chapter listed alphabetically linking straight to AionArmory. The quest database page loads in a nice frame right on top of your page so you can get any extra information you're looking for. That's a big help when you need it.

The FTW Guide looks a bit more polished in my opinion as well. Like I said in my KFGuides review, I'm a big fan of simplicity, which is why I gave it such a good score. Having read through the FTW Guide, they manage to keep things simple and lightweight with a more appealing style (for my tastes anyway). See below for an example.

KFGuides is a bit better if you like to print out your guides and keep track of your progress with a hardcopy because it is designed as a booklet. A lot of the functionality of the FTW Guide is lost when you print it because you don't have access to browser functionality and web links.

To work around this, FTW includes a tiny free program called DeskPins (1.3.0). This software will allow you to make your Online Aion Guide window "always on top" so you don't have to alt-tab out of Aion over and over again.

The final point of comparison I will make is price. KFGuides charges $39.99 per 1-50 faction leveling guide and they currently do not offer bundled pricing for customers buying both guides. FTW Guides charges $29.99 per 1-50 faction guide and they do offer a bundle ($44.99 for both Elyos and Asmodian). Apparently, this is special pricing because they still need to update 30-50 leveling content. The price will go up once the guide is "finished" in October. Any and all updates are free just like KFGuides.

I am really impressed with this guide. So much so, that I'm giving it a perfect 10 out of 10 score. KFGuides is an excellent guide, but taking into account the price difference and extra online goodies you get with FTW, the Online Aion Leveling Guide is currently my top recommendation for potential customers. The value is just too good.

You can check out the official FTWGuides website here!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aion Leveling Guides

1. Killerguides

  • Very efficient leveling guides for both factions
  • Includes a kinah making guide
  • Plenty of basic and expert tips for all kinds of players
  • Has information and guides about professions and crafting
  • Equipment guide and lists
  • Solo and group strategies
  • Free lifetime updates

2. Fantoms

  • Also an efficient step-by-step leveling guide
  • Includes maps and screenshots
  • Leveling guide is optimized mainly for solo players
  • Elyos faction is not covered, only Asmodian
  • Includes free updates

3. KFGuides

  • Nicely done leveling guide
  • Does have screenshots
  • Includes both Elyos and Asmodian factions, but sell separately

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aion Leveling Guide

This amazing Aion guide was made for people who are tired of grinding levels, looking up how to do quests and trying to figure out the right ways to level up. If you're confused as where you should be leveling at, then you have come to the right place.

This Aion leveling guide contains the same leveling strategies, questing patterns, techniques, and secrets to get the best record time to level cap which is only 4 days, and you can be guaranteed to achieve almost the same result.

This guide is brand new, and will show you the most optimized leveling paths in Aion Online and now it's finally available!

This is the leveling guide everyone has been waiting for, lots of thought went into the making of this step-by-step guide and it's the exact same pattern I plan on following with speed runs on new servers.

The guide gives pointers on how to do most of the quests, all done in a step-by-step fashion. Coordinates are listed for everything you will ever need, regardless if you like soloing or grouping with other players.

In addition to a leveling guide, this guide also contains the following additional chapters:
  • Kinah guide
  • Equipment guide
  • Stigma guide
  • Game mechanics details and explanations
  • Solo and group strategies
  • Professions guide
It's without a doubt the best all-in-one Aion guide and it will help both new players as well as more experienced ones.

There are no hacks, cheats, bots or exploits used, everything you will read in this guide is 100% legit and won't get your account suspended. The release of this guide is one of the best kept secrets and now it's out, with countless players waiting to get their hands on a copy, so check it out now and act fast before it's gone!

Aion Kinah Guide

This Aion Online kinah guide is packed with amazing information about making gold in this game. There are various tips ranging from auction house reselling tactics, making gold while leveling, best grinding spots, monsters with high kinah and gold drops and more.

Here's a brief overview of the features found in this Aion gold guide:
  • Learn what and how to buy items cheap and sell high just minutes later.
  • Hundreds of items, quests, locations, and vendors
  • Exact ways of making tons of money with your professions
  • Comprehensive list of items that each class and profession needs, which you can resell for amazing prices later on
  • Farming spots chapter will show you exactly where to grind mobs to insane amounts of Kinah
  • This guide has plenty of information for any class or level
  • How to easily dominate the auction house market and earn thousands of gold overnight
  • Learn which items always sell and exactly how to get them
  • There's a ton of info about making kinah starting at level one!
This Aion Kinah Guide is downloaded by players each day and all of them are more than happy with the results. Some of them are literally selling kinah to other players since the tips, strategies and secrets explained in detail in the Aion kinah guide are so easy anyone can do it, but rarely anyone knows how exactly to use them.

If you think you have what it takes to make mountains of kinah, then download the guide today and you won't be disappointed!