Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aion Kinah Guide

This Aion Online kinah guide is packed with amazing information about making gold in this game. There are various tips ranging from auction house reselling tactics, making gold while leveling, best grinding spots, monsters with high kinah and gold drops and more.

Here's a brief overview of the features found in this Aion gold guide:
  • Learn what and how to buy items cheap and sell high just minutes later.
  • Hundreds of items, quests, locations, and vendors
  • Exact ways of making tons of money with your professions
  • Comprehensive list of items that each class and profession needs, which you can resell for amazing prices later on
  • Farming spots chapter will show you exactly where to grind mobs to insane amounts of Kinah
  • This guide has plenty of information for any class or level
  • How to easily dominate the auction house market and earn thousands of gold overnight
  • Learn which items always sell and exactly how to get them
  • There's a ton of info about making kinah starting at level one!
This Aion Kinah Guide is downloaded by players each day and all of them are more than happy with the results. Some of them are literally selling kinah to other players since the tips, strategies and secrets explained in detail in the Aion kinah guide are so easy anyone can do it, but rarely anyone knows how exactly to use them.

If you think you have what it takes to make mountains of kinah, then download the guide today and you won't be disappointed!